Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That Ole Travlin' Feelin' Inside

6.16 Sacramento bus station. I remember this place well from my 2001 US tour when I had my big portable surfboard. Now it's a big skateboard and a guitar. I was layed over on the way down from Oregon and I'd had a long conversation with a very colorful character, a trucker named Robert. He was short, talkative, and told a story about all the people he'd befriended and offended in eastern Oregon on many truck runs through the area. He'd bought some kids some bikes, which caused a misunderstanding, like he was over generous or something. Aside from that I recall that he had an obsessive relationship with a very heavy woman who he also lavished gifts on, but who never gave him sex until one day he finally ignored her. He was a strange little guy, but hilarious, and I can picture him now, waiting on line to catch his bus. It's odd that he was even on the bus, but I think he'd quit his job, after years of trucking.

Seems like everyone on the bus has some disfunction. What excuse do you have for having no car? Some people are homeless or transient, carrying boxes or sock like shoulder bags onto the bus. Robert quit his job as a trucker. Some people are just out of prison and cant drive yet. I'm a skateboard rider who lived in New York. We all just pass through Sacramento on the way to the next stop but no eventual destination. The other thing I remember about the layover there in 01 is this financial conversation I had with an older man. he said he'd just bought some stock he liked, a well priced stock called Enron. I told him it looked like it was heading down and to make sure he put a stop loss order under it. Good advice, as good as any I've given.

Music note: Today I strung a guitar, the first time I ever restrung a classical guitar. It's pretty wierd, you tie the strings on below the bridge. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to help make the loops and I think I got it to look just like the example guitar I saw at the Noe Valley music store. It had nice loops at the bridge and even windings on the tuning pegs.

Medford Oregon, rest stop. What is the running theme of this travel blog besides skateboarding? I meant for the sub subject to be music, but I think it's me getting sick. Ever since I left New York, just read the blog, look where I was sick-- sinus headaches in Atlantic City, stomach virus in Pittsburgh, diaharrea in Nashville and Memphis, fatigue and disorientation in Kansas City, upset stomach in Salt Lake City. Now, as soon as I got on the bus in SF, another gassy, upset stomach. Maybe it's the vibration of the seat that shakes it up. Or maybe the strain of bottling up instead of passing gas due to bus confinement. Or maybe it's another case of not being careful what I ate. In this case I wolfed down some of RK's spaghetti and sauce when maybe just a sandwich or something else really bland was what was called for.

It's a nice ride, really. Not crowded, and pretty quiet. A guy with a blasting Ipod, but I blocked it with the earplugs left from PK's rehearsal. No one coughing consumtively and no cell yellers, so it's a good pick as far as long overnight bus rides go. Or have gone on these tours.

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