Friday, June 19, 2009

Skate Assistants at Last

6.19 Got a chance to have someone shoot a couple pics of me skating. I'm going to a wedding event for my friend DM in Corvallis, Oregon. There was a great park by a lolling river, with overhanging trees, flowering bushes and manicured lawns. Evidence of skateboarding was subtle but there, like some worn benches and some wax on a ledgelike side wall. The path was wide and smooth. DM's eager dog was with us and pulled me easily down the path.

I set up a self time shot of an acid drop off a bench onto the path but never got it quite in mid air. The other thing I liked about the spot was the grass, which ran right along the path with a perfect seam. I could easily use the grass to slow down on, rolling just the outside set of wheels onto the lawn then banking off it back onto the path downhill.

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