Monday, June 15, 2009

Sore Ride in the Mission

6.15 SF, Mission district. I thought I was physically prepared for another skate tour, since I've been skating all over Santa Cruz and out to Capitola many times. Only thing lacking, that distance skating was not done with any load, and that's the difference from the Queens storage training. Then I constantly weighed myself down with a full backpack. Lately the most I've carried is my laptop or guitar.

Yesterday's Bball game definitely made an impact on my left hamstring and upper leg. Which is the worst for longboard riding under a load, because that front leg has to flex while I push with my right leg. The only thing good is at least it's not my knee that's sore, just my thigh, so I know that'll recover and work itself out soon.

From the Caltrain station at 4th I worked my way toward the Mission, walking and skating mostly switch stance. Switch saved my leg a lot of pain. Used as the pushing leg, the left leg was fine. Trouble is I have to give up some control with my "wrong" leg forward. It was sketchy skating switch over the uneven sidewalks. The bumpy yellow grip grids near curbs really throws me off, they nearly hang the wheels unless you have some speed. Regular foot was bad too, aching to bend down for pushing.

The load I'm carrying is less than on the tour of the south. Then I had a bunch of papers, which are heavy, skate shoes, and a few more pieces of clothing and gear. The pack is lighter, but the pack itself is a little too big, heavy, and bulky. Maybe I can switch it somewhere on the trip. DM has a million backpacks I bet, and RK might even have one.

Skate Tip: Learn to skate switch stance. It saves alot of general wear and tear on your standing leg, and you'll need it if you want to skate injured.

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