Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dont Skate Over an Oregon Stick

6.25 My friend DM took his son LM and dog M to excercize and bike at the West Linn park and I came along with my board. The parking lot was rough and didnt have much skateability. Off to one side however, were some bike paths that led into the woods. The trees were a small type of redwood or other straight trunked, tall tree. The path wasn't steep but incredibly smooth and fast. There was a hairpin turn at the end that was tough to make. If you play the clip you can hear where I crunched some leaves going around the hairpin, cutting the corner off a bit.

There were a lot of sticks and a few pebbles which meant possibilites of hanging up. The swerving in the clip is more to avoid sticks than to carve off speed. On the walk to photo the route I noticed a stick across the path that wasnt there when I skated it. Then on closer inspection I saw it was a type of slug. Unlike the banana slugs in Santa Cruz which are bright yellow, this one was brown and clearly evolved to have a stick like camoflage. Not great camoflage to avoid getting run over by bikes, but a skateboarder will avoid you whether you are a slug or a stick.

Outside the path a pair of big hawks circled but they were too far away to shoot with my cel camera.

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